In this comprehensive one-on-one personalized program, I act as a guide and accountability partner for holistically minded people like you. My goal is to move your from a state of digestive discomfort, daily stress and fatigue, and hormonal imbalance to health, balance, and vitality. 

You will get a clear, personalized roadmap to achieve your health goals.

My focus is finding the root cause


I use a detailed assessment form (NutriBody Analysis) that helps me understand and identify your excesses and deficiencies. I also evaluate your diet as well as conduct a one hour intake so you can go into detail about your symptoms and health goals. At this time I will recommend any blood work I think would be helpful and order your HMA, OAT and 3X4 nutrigenomic tests. While we are waiting on results I will give you a plan of action so you can begin your journey toward greater health

Test Results & Design Custom Protocol

Once your results are in from your HMA, OAT and 3X4, I will match those with your health goals and NutriBody results in order to refine your protocol. These tests will give us insight into your digestive health and mineral and nutritional deficiencies you are experiencing at the moment. Your genetic story will help us understand the areas of potential weakness and strengths so we can work WITH your body and not against it. These insights will give us an even more detailed roadmap so you can begin to experience even greater mood balance and digestive health.

Track Progress & Provide Accountability

Tracking your progress is an important part of the program. When we don’t know where we started and where we are going we can’t make progress. Each week I will be giving you the next step toward your healthier you. Diet, lifestyle, and mindset will all be discussed and personalized steps will be created. At the completion of the 3 month program, you will take the NutriBody assessment again to see where you are. Every 6 months is when I will let you know if you should retest certain bloodwork to make sure everything is moving in the right direction.

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