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Hi, I’m Monica Mitzel.

I’m a North Idaho-based holistic health practitioner, passionate about helping people live healthier lives. Whether you are struggling with overwhelm, exhaustion, unmanaged weight, or recent diagnosis; I have both the experience and dedication needed to help you find your passion and balance again.

Improve energy

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Health Package

12 week personalized

Personalized program focused on your top needs and goals.

This isn’t just about following a diet plan (although that’s in here), and it’s not all about exercise and better sleep (again, these are in here). This program  is about getting to know YOU – why you do the things you KNOW aren’t the best for you, why you aren’t seeing the results you want, why you are stressed, unhappy with your body and sometimes even yourself, why you self-sabotage when you are finally on a healthier path. 

Understanding yourself is the only way you can break free of old habits to make room for new.

Of course there will be menu plans, practical education on healthier habits to incorporate into your life, daily and weekly checklists to keep you on track, personalized supplement recommendations; but without the work on your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings any new actions you take will be short-lived. 

Commitment to this program is essentially commitment to yourself: to the future you want to build.

Yes, our nutritional and lifestyle advice is science-based, but we go deeper into thoughts, beliefs, and feelings and that makes all the difference.

We want to bring you to the next level!

Why nutrition services

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FROM my healthy CLIENTS

After years of bad diet habits, Melvina helped me better connect with my body. She gave me the tools to make better and healthier choices for myself.
I am forever grateful to Melvina for her private online coaching service. She taught me how to lead a healthier life by being smarter about the food I consume.
We hired Melvina to help develop our corporate wellness program and she was very professional to work with. Our employees love her!

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